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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Prophets of the New Age....

Kishore Kumar with SD Burman
Kishore Kumar with Missus - Madhubala
Just imagine this. There are no promos. no TV.

The only way was to go to a movie hall to enjoy them. You sit there in the dark and soon a song begins.

That's the first time you have heard it.

Rafi with Naushad
What thrill must have gone thru you. The lovey melodies voiced by the likes of Kisore and Rafi.

Sometime I feel Kishore and Rafi are Prophets of Gods sent down to earth to help us tide over our tedious lives.

God must have told them ,'Go there - help my people - they work so hard to be miserable - you help them'

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Abhilasha (1983)

This Telugu movie was released the year I did my 10th but Yandamuri's novel by the same name was released a few year earlier. It was serialised by a weekly magazine and was a bit hit. The many turns and twists kept the readers hooked.

One chap staying in Xavier's lane did narrate a part of the story and how his family waited for he next part of the story. It was about death sentence and all that. Some how didn't interest me . Then the novel was made into a movie. The hero was an up and coming actor called Chiranjeevi. It became a big hit. Much credit goes to the music by the evergreen Ilayaraja. This launched the Chiranjeevi-Radhika pairing. It also launched the banner Creative Commercials.

I had seen a movie of his earlier. It was Punnnami Nagu (1980). For those who know this movie- you know. For those who don't here is a titbit.

I heard it was an animal based movie. I convinced my mom to send me and bro. I was in 8th or 9th and my bro a 4 yrs younger than me.

Now it was an animal movie but had a twist. Our hero was a human snake and girls were dying without being bitten... how / why ?????

Then came Khaidi (1983). A big big blockbuster. The heroine was Madhavi. The songs were a hit and the dances were never seen before on screen. One particular song was a craze - Ragaltundi moguli poda. The idea was 2 snakes dancing entwined. Now use your imagination.

He gave many big hits. The last movie of his that I liked was Gang Leader. After that all bakwas.

I cant stand any other actor from his family. Bro, son, nephew. I feel something serious wrong in that family.

Whatever - he a true entertainer. Please listen to songs from Abhilasha - one better that the other.

Banthi Chamanthi Song -

Eureka Saka Meka

Sandhe Podulakakada

Vella Palla Ledhu

Also this was the birth of Step 'Exercise' Dancing....

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