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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Short stories I remember...

 I don't know how but I remember my kiddy class english stories as though yesterday. They must be as old as class I.

This one is about a simpleton who takes his sick granny to a doc. 
A week later they go back to doc - no relief to granny. 

Third week same story. Then the doc asks are you following all the instructions.

Simpleton says yes, doc. Its written shake well before use. 

and I do shake my granny well before giving her her medicine 3 times a day.

 So its 'shake well before use'. 

The next is about a group of - lets just say simpletons. 8 of them to be exact, on a trip or something. Now they have to cross a river.

Once they reach the other side, they want to see if all of them reached the other end safely. They count and find one missing. Another checks and finds one missing. Actually they are counting others and not self hence the discrepancy.

There is this passer-by who notices this comedy and intervenes. He taps each one with his knuckles and counts .. and all is fine now.

This act of taping knuckle made us kids quite excited and I, for one, practiced it on my friends for next few days.

The 3rd made me wonder and we shall soon see why.

It was about 2 frogs. Once a city dweller the other a villager. I believe they were cousins. Once both meet, half way between the city and village. They greet and chat and soon they start boasting about the place of residence. 

The villager says the village life is the best while the city boast about his.
To decide once and for all which is better. The decide to climb on each others back see where the other person stays.
This is the best i could draw
Now folks you have to do some visualising. City frog upon the village frog, who is facing the village. But as frogs see back, the city frog see the ciy while on the village frog. And vice versa.
So in the end they have not seen any thing new but their own area and conclude both are the same. Or something like that.

It made me wonder coz i didn't know the diff back then between a  village and a city. Anyway was stimulating.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cease Cease Fire

One of the biggest marketing successes that I've seen is the Cease Fire fire extinguisher campaign. So successful was it that every taxi wala, paan wala thought he will catch fire and bought one of the cans, which was no bigger than a coke can. It left me with no option but wonder - how will this ever help in a real fire.

The original can was half this size...

Thrice I caught my dad on the verge of buying one of these cans for home.

Years later peeps had to throw away empty cans.

Then no news of these folks for many years.. till.. they came out with a 'genius product.

It was so damn secret. A friend of mine working at this company. He couldn't stop talking of the product but without actually telling us what it was. He said it will change our lives but wasn't willing to tell more as his bosses told him it is top damn secret.

Then one Sunday it was launched. They did what can be called carpet bombing. All the TV channels showed only this ad. for 2-3 hrs.

Well the product was a vacumiser (duh). Something that kept food away from air so that it stayed fresh for long

Big flop...

I don't think they sold even 10 of that India-wide.

They asked the wrong questions.

They asked 'Can we make it' instead of 'Does she need it'

The great vacumiser

We Indians don't eat old food or preserve food for long. Hey, Dont bring in pickles...

Anyways we never heard of these folks again...

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