This happened in the year 2012. I was back from my school reunion. That is BVBPS Hyd RCPuram Class of 1983.  The best reunion ever ever ever. The two-day affair is more memorable than my wedding day. Really.
Well. I became the self-appointed reunion archivist and went about collecting pics and video from the people who flashed their cams during the reunion. And I loaded videos on YouTube and lo... One video got banned right away. WT hell...
The reason - the video, they said, contained copyrighted material. What? I couldn’t believe it.
I protested, objected but to no avail.

What happened was this -Saregama saw the video which had us goofing around having a nice time and said that they have the copyright to the Amitabh song 'Rote Hue Aate Hai Sub' from Mukaddar Ka Sikandar. It was a laugh. We have copycats making outright copies of songs for a commercial purpose and here we are with a video that is miles away from infringing any copyright.
They asked me to remove the video. I refus…


I just completed viewing the documentary on Acharya Rajneesh called “Wild Wild Country. It’s powerful. I knew bits and pieces about him and his sojourn in the US. Now I know everything. But can’t believe it was so deep and diabolical. I am surprised that no one lost their lives in all the scheming and politicking. Power to a crooked mind will always lead to a terrible situation. Whatever the intentions.

And hats off to the documentary for dealing with explicit content maturely.

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For the past couple of years, my one-time idol Ajay Devgan has been promoting Vimal Eliachi. I was taken in. And went to buy one. Not one packet available. Na. No shopkeeper has ever heard of Vimal Eliachi. They have heard of Vimal Zarda, Vimal Tambaku, and Vimal Ghutka. But no Eliachi.
I thought- what nonsense. The good Devgan can’t be wrong. So I traveled far and wide, covered the whole of Bangalore. I swear. Not one Elaichi but quite a few of other Vimal products are on sale. Methink that this imaginary elaichi product is the only one that they can advertise.

I remember others doing the same thing. Seagram was a big-time daru company, that entered and later exited India. Actually, they opened two companies. One Seagram daru and the other Seagram music. Remember the days when we heard about Seagram music at every turn. Must have had millions of dollars advertising budget. Income of Seagram Music company never crossed 100 rupees.

I believe it is called surrogate advertising. And everyo…


The other day I visited my friend at his factory. He was sitting there, sad.
KyaHua Re.
His business is not doing well. He has a puffs snacks fryums factory. This biz was set up by his dad many decades ago.Dad made murku and other deep-fried snack items and then went around on his bicycle -door-to-door- to sell them. The business grew. Father opened a small shop, stocked with these yummies. He employed a few women who sat morning to evening frying stuff. His son was a bright student but dad needed help. So the son left his education midway and joined his father full-time. Business was booming. All they could make was purchased by retailers and wholesalers who packed and resold the stuff under different brands.

Then the son took over. Stopped selling his product to others. Closed down that shop and in its place came up a big godown. Branded his stuff. Appointed stockists in various towns. As expected, it transformed into a multi-crore venture. The boy had bigger ambition. He built a mode…


Is it screaming at one another? Is it saying something but doing something else? Is it always disagreeing with someone? Is it whose planes fly over which country?
I have lots of questions here.
So I dug deeper. Only to realize, not many know what politics actually is. They mistake it for cheating, telling lies, corruption, and manipulation.

Well, here is my understanding of politics.

I see scores of kids learning “taekwondo". How come this unknown sport overtakes Kung Fu and Karate? Especially when Karate and Kung Fu movies are just so popular across the country. Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan have a cult following in India. The first foreign film to become a silver jubilee hit (run for 25 weeks) in India was Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon. But one has not ever heard of Taekwondo.

Simple. They formed an association and produced paperwork and hobnobbed with the right crowd and got Taekwondo accepted as an Olympic sport. This one recognition moved it miles ahead of its competitors.

Then we…


When my new friend told me he once worked for LouisVuitton, I was like ‘wow. So where were you based.... France? – I asked. No, Pondicherry. – He answered. Really. Never knew LV was in India. Well, it was and this is their Indian story.

They built a factory at Pondicherry. But it had problems since inception. They treated it like a step-child. They - the old guard at Paris - couldn’t wrap their heard around the fact that their products were going to be built in India.

Anyways, our guy was invited to Paris for the annual meet. He talks of one incident. There is one LV store in Paris. Only for employees. The only one in the world. And has 90% off on products. So our guy goes gaga. And decided buy everything on his next trip.  Sadly, that was never to happen.

LV was actually doing well in India. Production cost was brought down. Quality was acceptable. But you know the French. They never can let a good thing be.

That group in France didn’t allow the factory to flourish as it should have. One…