Saturday, November 9, 2013

Abhilasha (1983)

This Telugu movie was released the year I did my 10th but Yandamuri's novel by the same name was released a few year earlier. It was serialised by a weekly magazine and was a bit hit. The many turns and twists kept the readers hooked.

One chap staying in Xavier's lane did narrate a part of the story and how his family waited for he next part of the story. It was about death sentence and all that. Some how didn't interest me . Then the novel was made into a movie. The hero was an up and coming actor called Chiranjeevi. It became a big hit. Much credit goes to the music by the evergreen Ilayaraja. This launched the Chiranjeevi-Radhika pairing. It also launched the banner Creative Commercials.

I had seen a movie of his earlier. It was Punnnami Nagu (1980). For those who know this movie- you know. For those who don't here is a titbit.

I heard it was an animal based movie. I convinced my mom to send me and bro. I was in 8th or 9th and my bro a 4 yrs younger than me.

Now it was an animal movie but had a twist. Our hero was a human snake and girls were dying without being bitten... how / why ?????

Then came Khaidi (1983). A big big blockbuster. The heroine was Madhavi. The songs were a hit and the dances were never seen before on screen. One particular song was a craze - Ragaltundi moguli poda. The idea was 2 snakes dancing entwined. Now use your imagination.

He gave many big hits. The last movie of his that I liked was Gang Leader. After that all bakwas.

I cant stand any other actor from his family. Bro, son, nephew. I feel something serious wrong in that family.

Whatever - he a true entertainer. Please listen to songs from Abhilasha - one better that the other.

Banthi Chamanthi Song -

Eureka Saka Meka

Sandhe Podulakakada

Vella Palla Ledhu

Also this was the birth of Step 'Exercise' Dancing....

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