Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Car and Me

I bought my Nano after a weeks of market survey.

I had shortlisted a total of 4 which were quickly eliminated one by one and, bingo, the winner was Nano.

Here are things that went in Nano's favour. Firstly the cost of ownership was low. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, it was a vehicle I could get into easily. Being a heavy person, this was very important for me.

Going for the Papaya Orange was easy, Its the best of the lot.

Not a bad artist me...

The other were, as you can see, where I was almost lying down and damn uncomfy.


I used it in the city of Bangalore- without complaints.

Remember one incident though. I took the vehicle to its first service. Main issue was Ac was not performing too well. And was surprised when, while taking it back, the person there tells me it was not that Ac was not working properly, it was just not working at all and that it has been rectified.

Then I was keen to test this vehicle long and went to the pilgrim town of Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu in it. It was a 1200 km trip. Did the last of free services before the trip and two of us began the journey.

Milage was good - above 24 for sure but never checked.

You know what. My Nano was so road fit, it overtook Skodas, BMWs and Mercs along the way. You should have seen how angry that made these folks got. They reved with all the power they had to go back in front. I let them be as this was not a race or rally.

There was this particular convertible BMW we met, zip zap zoom and overtook it. He got so bugged that he firstly he opened the top and then came came zoom from behind and overtook us. No probs. Next tollplaza we overtook him again. Then he us.

Next toll booth we see his vehicle parked at the police outpost with a big crowd around. Too tempting to let it pass. We parked and went to see what the bugger was pulled up for. Well, He, I believe, bumped a Hero Honda bike 15 km prior and sped away. Bike guy called the police who stopped him here. Then came the Hero Honda fellow fuming away. After the ususal hoo haa, some one asked 'so what damage to you bike, man. Yo there was nothing. Finally they let him go with that fancy car of his. Somehow I think the pressure of dueling with a Nano was too much. guilty.

My boss tell me I should offer myself as a model for the vehicle. Tempting na,

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