Monday, September 29, 2014

Rain Rain

Friday night, returning home from work. Me not in a good mood these days plus not keeping too well.

On top of it all the cab taking a new route takes me out of my comfort zone. Have to keep my eyes open and guide the driver.

Soon we reached Sadashivnagar signal. And here I see something so wondrous that I am still going gaga about it.

It was all wet wet but no actual rain. As we turned into the Venkateshwara Temple road, I saw, about 15 feet away a thick curtain of rain. so thick you could call it a silver wall.

And then in a few seconds, we drive into the heaviest rain fall i've seen in Bangalore. And I love rains. Past week I went out for a rainy stroll twice and hence the cough and cold. But this 'driving into rain was out of this world.

When will I see it again...

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