Sunday, October 12, 2014

Who is my Dad, Mom

This is a short story of a single mom I know.

Her daughter was taught about family in nursery and was soon aware that a dad was missing in her life.

She asked her mom, Mom, where is my dad.

Mom gave a straight answer, he is no more in our lives.

A little background here - Mom and dad separated and he is now in the US.

The next day the friends were discussing their families. When asked 'where is her dad, 

The girl said,' My dad is in the clouds'

One friend said, 'Don't worry , Reema, my dad is your dad'

All so sweet but when mom  heard about this she was really surprised about the cloud analogy. How did her girl get the idea...

Anyways, this dad thingy did trouble our little girl and mom found it out this way.....

Mom and daughter went to the bank one day where the lil girl met one of her classmates and her dad.

After introductions, mom, girl and friend were sitting awaiting their turn while dad went to the counter.

Now friend asked girl, where is your dad

Girl thought for a while and answered, he is sleeping at home.

Mom hears this and is shocked but pretends not to be eves-dropping when that is exactly what she was doing..

The girl then further volunteers.

You know, my mom goes to work and earns money, my father is always sleeping at home....

mom thinks - where is my daughter getting all these ideas..

Friday, October 3, 2014


I will not marry when I grow up, Aunty, says 7 yr old niece to this lady.

Lady's 5 yr daughter who was nearby immediately blurts out, 'But I will marry.

Lady ask daughter, 'who will you marry, dear

Now the girl realises that she spoke without thinking earlier and this time takes her own sweet time before answering, 'Secret !!!'

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