Thursday, November 30, 2017

Why I Like Anne Of The Thousand Days

Why do I get so worked up about a movie made in the 60’s about something that happened five hundred years ago?

Peeps, it was a powerful movie. I am talking about ‘Anne of the thousand days. This was on my list for decades. I only managed to download it now.

Firstly, the heroine. The role itself was mega. But it needed the perfect fit. And got it. I have never seen the actress in any other movie. It looks like she acted in this one and never cared to do another role. This was so fulfilling.

Then there is Richard Burton. I heard this and that about him. And saw him many times in repeat viewing of ‘Where Eagles Dare. But this movie actually tells us why he is considered one of the all-time great actor.

And a dozen other characters.

Anne was Queen only for a 1000 day. But left her mark. It was her daughter who went on to become one of the greatest monarchs of the realm.

But that’s not the point

The movie clearly shows why the English so very wanted to end the monarchy. There is one scene that explains it. He says he has lost so many of his friends. The fact is he ordered most of the killing.

But if you are over 40 and not seen this movie, then waste…


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