Monday, November 20, 2017

No more tutti-fruity

As one grows up things become clearer. Santa and the tooth fairy are outed as myth. As you grow older, more truths are revealed. Like there is no honesty or god.

Then there is fact and there is fiction. Whatever your mind can make up comes no where near the truth and facts of life. I wrote a story once about a bunch of school kids becoming killers. First by mistake and then the seemed to enjoy it. I deleted the story telling myself no that’s a bit too much. But then a 11th class boy comes along and cuts a 2nd class boy. So bad that it was one cut from the top of his head till the chest. And I have difficulty cutting a papaya right.

But that’s not the point.

Do you peeps know what tutti-fruity actually is. It is neither tutti nor fruity. Its dried papaya cut into tiny squares. Soaked in sugar syrup and coloured.

Some facts break your heart.

Have you noticed that even the kid who says they hates papaya, love tutti-fruity.


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