Saturday, November 18, 2017

How I met my first Underworld Contact

My still-to-begin novel has a major underworld component. Now, the story is coming out great. In my head. You will see in due course. But I suddenly felt something missing. I needed some real life input. And as you now I don’t have any underworld experience.

So I decided to get one. No no. Only interview a member. So I spread the word. And sure as hell, I was soon to meet one.

This person was 60ish. From Mangalore. About twenty years ago, he was shot in the head and survived. But they couldn’t remove the bullet so they left it in. Doctors gave him 6 months to live but. He is alive even today.

So I met him. I expected it to be in the nearby bar. But na. He wanted a meet at the nearby temple. Oh.

So I met him. He was not what I expected. A baba type. True all babas are criminals but still. Then we sat under a tree and he started. Told one story. Pause. Then repeated the story. Pause. The told the same story again. Pause.

Its then I realised that the poor fellow has lost his memory. He remembers only that one story.

But that’s not the point.

If anyone of you have any underworld contacts –or even a chota-mota thug- please pass that to me. In exchange for an evening at a bar or tiffin center. Or a temple.



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