Thursday, December 21, 2017

We all lie. Why do we lie. Why

Not big things.

It’s the small things.

Girl: how do I look.
You: great (lie)

Wife: how was the food
You: great (lie)

Lies getting better. And more straight-faced.

I for one was not a liar. And that nearly got me killed a few times. Then I realize that lies keep the peace. And bones intact. And I began lying. And haven't stopped since. Today I lie for even the smallest thing.

Hey, how was your day
Good if bad
And bad if good.

How much is that shoe?
When it was 250

It changes nothing but still. Can't get myself to speak the truth. Why. I know not. I tell so many lies that I forget the truth. And worse, sometimes I believe my own lies. And that nearly got me killed a couple of times.


Monday, December 11, 2017

Dear Deepika Padukone,

Your demand that we all Indians be offended coz foreign media mistook you for Priyanka Chopra got me thinking.

Of exactly how many Chinese I know. Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan. That's all. Out of 2 billion peeps, I can recognise only three. And if you put them in a line up then it will confuse me no end.

But girl, rather than be offended you should take it as a compliment. PC, as she wants to be called, is someone you can look up too. Despite a Miss Something she had to knock at producer’s doors and all that. Secondly you are not that fair. Yes yes you are fair by south-Indian standards, but you are not Priyanka fair.

Her body of work is far more exciting. Diverse roles. So next time someone mistakes you for a Vidya Balan or a Kangana Ranaut, please don’t get offended. If they mistake you for Rakhi Sawant, draw out all the dagger. But till then spare us Indians and fight you own battles.


Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Day of the Jackal. A thriller like never before.


Review #1

Why does a man set out to kill another man? Is it just for the money? Na, it should be more. The thrill of doing something dangerous. Doing a job you know no one else in the world can.

Well, that’s what you get in Frederick Forsyth’s The Day of the Jackal.

The novel opens with tense action scene, setting the mood for the rest of the book. The book follows two main characters. So much like the cat and the mouse. The morose detective trying his best but to produce results he will have to pull a needle from the haystack.

Then we have the Jackal itself. Cool as a cucumber. Whether it is killing a blackmailer or seducing an heiress. With every step the Jackal is moving closer to his target - the best-protected man in the world.

The novel travels across Europe. But what stands out is the beautiful countryside France. To readers who have had a dose of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. This is a welcome change.

The plot itself is simple but ingenious. It’s the execution that shows the writer’s brilliance.

And the nerve-racking climax.

Read the thriller. It has, as they always do, much more than the movie. People are not sure if this was something that really happened or is it fiction. Even after decade of it being published.

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