Monday, December 11, 2017

Dear Deepika Padukone,

Your demand that we all Indians be offended coz foreign media mistook you for Priyanka Chopra got me thinking.

Of exactly how many Chinese I know. Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan. That's all. Out of 2 billion peeps, I can recognise only three. And if you put them in a line up then it will confuse me no end.

But girl, rather than be offended you should take it as a compliment. PC, as she wants to be called, is someone you can look up too. Despite a Miss Something she had to knock at producer’s doors and all that. Secondly you are not that fair. Yes yes you are fair by south-Indian standards, but you are not Priyanka fair.

Her body of work is far more exciting. Diverse roles. So next time someone mistakes you for a Vidya Balan or a Kangana Ranaut, please don’t get offended. If they mistake you for Rakhi Sawant, draw out all the dagger. But till then spare us Indians and fight you own battles.


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