Thursday, December 21, 2017

We all lie. Why do we lie. Why

Not big things.

It’s the small things.

Girl: how do I look.
You: great (lie)

Wife: how was the food
You: great (lie)

Lies getting better. And more straight-faced.

I for one was not a liar. And that nearly got me killed a few times. Then I realize that lies keep the peace. And bones intact. And I began lying. And haven't stopped since. Today I lie for even the smallest thing.

Hey, how was your day
Good if bad
And bad if good.

How much is that shoe?
When it was 250

It changes nothing but still. Can't get myself to speak the truth. Why. I know not. I tell so many lies that I forget the truth. And worse, sometimes I believe my own lies. And that nearly got me killed a couple of times.


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