Friday, January 19, 2018

The Best Things About Pappu And Feku

It’s a sad fate for us Indians that of the two parties that want to rule India, one is led by a pappu and other by a feku.

Pappu has not grown out of middle school. But my gut feel says that he will one day rule India. Coz feku will ensure.

And my gut doesn’t lie. Burp. I do. Not my gut.

Feku is worse than Alice in Wonderland. He is a character from the classic Lilliput. Where he is the Lilliput. 

And his worst is the bullet train. For only a small segment from Bombay to Ahmadabad, he is willing to spend 100,000 crores. All to be paid back when he is dead and gone. The same money can be spent to overhaul the entire railway system of this country.  Yes, the entire railways.

Somehow the corrupt congress seem great guys when compared to feku. They took the money, but they delivered too. And feku does what he pretty well fancies. None what India wants or needs.

Feku took the Japanese PM to the den of bhaktas, Varanasi and for three hours saw some aarti being performed. When he has such free time, why does he need a bullet train?

But that's not the point.

The Gujarat election is a great victory for the Congress. Have shown the chinks in the BJP armour. The way poor Rahul fought with great valour an army of maharathis was worth watching. It was like fighting Alexander in central Greece. Surrounded by Greeks. Some bearing gifts. And his own commander turned out to be a neech kanimey kutthey. But he went ahead and came out stronger. I predict ache din for congress.


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