Friday, January 26, 2018

Book Review of Two Plus Half Maniacs by Vinit Patel

Genre : Young action comedy
Source: Review copy

If this was not a novel, it would have been a movie that critics would have called a masala blockbuster.

It’s the story of Vansh. He gets his clothes torn, pushed into a pond and almost killed on his first day in college. A shock for someone who has had a near-perfect school life. Does this rollercoaster end? No, it doesn’t. It actually gains momentum. When he befriends what the author so lovingly calls the other two maniacs

Then there is a girl. The heroine. This girl has issues. And just when you are getting to know her... bang... she is kidnapped. Read the book to find out the who and the why.

I pity Vansh. Every character in the book has only one job. That of causing him discomfort. He has it bad from page one. The action is so nonstop that the reviewer lost the thread many a time but, like our hero, laboured on.

Well. It all turn out super for Vansh. But you have to go thru the 243 page to find out how.

This book is written in delicious Indian English. And in its own way it tickles your funny bone. And all that with a conscience and soul.

All in all. A brave effort by debutant Vinit Patel.

Hemant Singh


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