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Meena Kumari is known for heavy tragedies.  Her life too traveled on a similar path. Both contributed to her becoming a legend in the Indian film industry. But it was not always so. She acted in some hilarious light-hearted movies. Somehow, not many remember them. 

Here are the top four.

Azaad(1955): The remake of a Tamil movie. This Dilip Kumar-starrer became the biggest grosser of its time. Produced and directed by Sriramulu Naidu. Music by C. Ramachandra who got the movie after Naushad famously refused the movie. The movie has bandits and kidnaps. Basically all the fun.

Jamuna-NTR-Savitri from Missamma
Miss Mary (1957): This time it’s a remake a Telugu hit ‘Missamma’ which stared NTR and Savitri. This LV Prasad-directed movie has Meena Kumari and Gemini Ganeshan – being introduced to the Hindi audience- play the lead. This laugh-a-minute riot also has a dozen interesting characters who play their role perfectly building to a exciting climax. And for those who like some dirt, Gemini Ganeshan is Rekha's father.

Jamuna- Gemini Ganeshal - Meena Kumari

Shararat (1959) Meena Kumari starred opposite Kishore Kumar in this movie. Enough said. What can you expect when a movie has the inimitable KK. But he met his match in Meena Kumari in this movie.


Kohinoor (1960): Dilip Kumar took this role coz he doctor recommended it. He was like burnt out by all those tragedies. And went into a depression. And his reply. This song, dance and sword fight set amidst kings and queens. Another big hit.

It goes without saying that all these had dozens of hit songs each.


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