About Hemant and this blog

Hi. I am Hemant. I am a reasonably good writer, voracious reader and philanthropist. One of the three is false. I write a lot, I read a lot and I have lots of girlfriends. One of the three is false.

I was a big movie fan. But they have become so disappointing. English ones are all those silly peeps with super powers. And they give me a headache.  Wish someone make a movie with a guy with a super fart. Bollywood is even worse. No wholesome entertainer. Except Judwa. Wait, but in saw that 20yrs ago na. Last Hindi movie I saw was PK.

So I read old novels. And see English TV stuff. I am with House, Scrubs, Narcos and Viking these days.

But I would like to promote writers, authors. So If you have something published, send me a teaser or promo and I will put it up in my blog.

Send me the book and I even may review it.


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