Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Something you didn't know about the Central University of Hyderabad

Insiders at the Central University of Hyderabad say that there was, in fact, interference by politicians in the campus that led to the sad death of a scholar. Smriti Irani and a few other BJP pests were poking their noses in the University. I understand. 10th pass, feel a great pride hobnobbing with the intelligentsia.

I knew the university when it had 15 teachers and 20 students. And the biggest compound wall in the history of universities.

We blame the politicians for everything, but our academics are no better. The professors of this place had only one aim. To send their kids abroad. So they formed a club with a single motto – you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

So one professor wrote a recommendation letter for an English university for the daughter of another professor. “The girl is bright beyond her years. The fact that she took five years to complete a three-year bachelor’s degree, shows how much she likes the subject. Not to mention her mastery over it now.

To reciprocate, this professor wrote a recommendation letter to a US university for the pompous fool son of that professor. “Please don’t be fooled by the 51% he scored in his bachelor degree. He is beyond bookish knowledge and bowled me over with the depth in the subject. And will be a worthy candidate in your MSc programme.

This boy now heads a medical research team in the USA. I have my doubts.


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